Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog Titles Are So 1996.

Hello There-
Haven't written here in a while, so I thought I'd make it a jam packed picture blog. I paint a lot of stuff, at least I try and stay busy. I try and produce and enjoy briefly and then try and sell it as quick as I can. Some pieces go too quickly, like this one titled Cover For Redcat Journal No. 12. It was purchased by a good friend, and she gave me more than the sticker price, very kind of her. I still miss it a little.
I just like his expression, and the fact that this could be a real human being attempting to make the world a better place while fighting his own demons like a boring office job or a series of bad dates. I find Daniel Clowes work to be inspirational and honestly perfect in this regard. His expressions and character development are impeccible. Check him out if you're in the dark about this brilliant artist.
In other news, there's a show on Friday, March 30th that you should go to if you live in San Luis Obispo. Evening Wood features some pretty awesome artists like Lena Rushing, Mark Bryan, Joshua Jesse, Laykin Hamilton, the infamous SOAK, Mo Matus, Jamie Coxon, Jason Hudson and a whole bunch more.
I'll be showing three little pieces on these amazing Duho Panels now in stock at San Luis Art Supply! Woo plugriffic! And now exclusive looks into the doodles of yours truly, the images below will shock and amaze you! Ok, probably not, but the first one is a sneak preview of one of those pieces on display at the show.
This one is a Barry McGee inspired test piece on the back of some illustration board. I was testing some acrylic and some ink and some cool acrylic ink mediums. Turned out so good I wish I would of done it on the front. Oh well, I'll probably still frame it and sell it at some point.
Wait and see, indeed.