Saturday, November 10, 2012

October sorta flew by, and not one post from yours truly. I am sorry, lurkers. I had quite a lot to do, as the little place I call home had a Halloween party. We (19 of us) decorate the house (this year, Undead Disney themed) and invite 300 of our closest friends in a quest to pay for a year's worth of toilet paper. I created a creepy mouse tribute hallway, where you had to crawl through his eye and out his butt to continue through the party. I couldn't of done it without the help of my pal Matt, a fifth year senior at Cal Poly. So, hey, thanks Matt, sorry to see you leave come December.
Speaking of December, big news! Nathan Cartwright, the owner of the Hive in Downtown LA finally took pity upon me and gave me a Featured Artist wall.
So, what have I chosen to do? Well, I have chosen to make it a group show, within a group show! Say what? Yep. I have a 4 foot by 8 foot wall, and I am paying tribute to the most awkward "graffiti" crew in San Luis Obispo, the Pizza Lords. Everyone loves pizza, and everyone will love the photography, sculpture, paintings and drawings that these guys and myself have created. We've also asked some really good friends to assist us in filling our wall. Scheduled to possibly appear are super artists Jeff Claassen, Jason Hudson and Nic Rodriguez. Nothing set in stone from those all stars, but trust me this show is a must see. It's on Saturday December 8, so in keeping with the "local handmade holiday" theme, nothing we sell will be over $125 bucks, in fact lots of things will be $25 or $50. Buy your loved one something strange for the holidays. I'm also offering free admission to anyone who wants to go. Feel free to contact me to be put on the swanky "potential buyers" list and save yourself $8!

Also of note-- a show in LA next week on November 7th! Get pumped, LA peeps!
As you can tell, this is a huge, fun show, a show my very good pal "Handsome" Eric Valdez is putting on. I will most likely have the most offensive piece in the place. I won't give away much, but it involves Jesus, Batman, and naked day of the dead wolf women. Come to the show, it's free, and stories about your weekend are usually pretty boring.


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