Recent Exhibitions and Awards

Solo Exhibitions:
March 14                    Sally Loo's Cafe                                San Luis Obispo, CA
January 14                  Baxter Moerman Fine Jewelry         San Luis Obispo, CA
October 13                 Linnaea's Café                                   San Luis Obispo, CA
October 11                 Sally Loo’s Café                                 San Luis Obispo, CA
June 06                       Bluebird Art House                                          Whittier, CA
July 05                         LA Farm @ Lantana Center                  Santa Monica, CA
August 04                    Bergamot Station                                   Santa Monica, CA
August 04                    Charm City Art House                                  Baltimore, MD

Group Exhibitions:
April 14                      Vale Fine Art (curator/participant)    Paso Robles, CA
March 14                   Studios on the Park (curator)           Paso Robles, CA September 13            Steynberg Gallery                            San Luis Obispo, CA
May 13                       Paso Robles Festival of the Arts    Paso Robles, CA    
March 13                    Studios on the Park (curator/participant)  Paso Robles, CA
December 12             The Hive (Artwalk LA)                         Los Angeles, CA
June 12                       Homeroom LA                                     Los Angeles, CA
May 12                        The Hive Artwalk LA                            Los Angeles, CA
Feb 12                          Vale Contemporary                            Paso Robles, CA
Aug 11                    San Luis Obispo Museum of Art             San Luis Obispo, CA
March 10                      Jeff Claassen Gallery                   San Luis Obispo, CA
June 09                        Just Looking Gallery                     San Luis Obispo, CA
April 08                          Jeff Claassen Gallery                  San Luis Obispo, CA
May  07                       Gallery Ocho                                     Santa Barbara, CA
February 06                The Hive Artwalk LA                             Los Angeles, CA
September 05            The Hear                                                Los Angeles, CA
June/July 04                Cannibal Flower                                   Los Angeles, CA

May 2012   Best Illustration (2011), Association of Alternative Newsweeklies (AAN)for illustrations in The New Times, a San Luis Obispo weekly publication.

May 2012   Best Illustration (2011), California Newspaper Publishing Association
(CNPA) for illustration in The Santa Maria Sun, a Santa Barbara County weekly publication.

September 1995  Certificate of Recognition from Dean of Students, Art Department at Pasadena City College.