Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creating an abundance of art on a regular basis, almost on command requires you to be in touch with a lot of things. Being aware of your local and global environment, being aware of your own emotional state (and the state in which your emotions affect others) can be important as well.
This new set of work I have embarked on attempts to chronicle the timultuous chaos I'm experiencing from every angle. These pieces have no set fulcrum, and will be hashed out on everything I can get my hands on from scrap peices of cardboard to wood panels.
Big change is around the corner. I have sold San Luis Art Supply after four years; it has been the hardest thing I have ever accomplished and I can say that I am happy for this chapter to close. I have no idea what is next for me. I have done everything I have set out to do, and all of it before 40. I feel acomplished and uneasy all at the same time. My work here is not done in SLO, and I plan on still serving the community in some way until I hear the next calling. Most likely I will open a small studio and continue to sell my core customer base what they need while attempting to get a few freelance scraps from the New Times.
I plan on travelling this year in an attempt to get my artwork out into the world. If you have a favorite gallery in your area, tell me all about it and I'll look into it. Goodbye for now.