Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey Folks-

Keeping busy on the art front. Many trips to LA have been fun, save the heat and traffic. I have to thank Walt @ Home Room for letting me squeeze into one of the coolest group shows I've ever been in. If you're in the LA area, go see the Super Tetricide show. The installation includes 8-bit video games especially made for the show.
I'm up to no good for my friends at the New Times as well, for the 55 Fiction (reader driven stories) issue. Maybe you should check my flickr to catch a sneak preview. Maybe. I probably shouldn't be revealing such trickery before the issue debuts, but hey I've won awards for those fools so I'm playing the brat card here.
Big ups to my friends Eric Valdez and Stephanie Linardos (no website given--real professional, buddy) to hanging out for a day in LA before the Tetricide show. Speaking of which, thanks for going if you did, and check out fellow-tetricider Alex Chiu's work, it's bitchin'. Eric was in a Batman themed show, and I was inspired by some of the work there. I drew my own Batman related piece, look:
He's donut-fighting the Bush Family!