Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello Internet Lurkers-

It's been a hectic bunch of weeks since I last posted. The shows in August went well, and soon, on October 14th, there will be a cash-and-carry opening/closing for Isaac Yorke and I at Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe.

I sold several totem pieces at the Linnaea's Cafe show, one to a cool dude from a band called the Cobra Skulls. He has plans to use the image on a teeshirt. That's pretty exciting.

I'm also making my own teeshirt based on the "Skulk" piece. It looks like this:

Wrinkles optional. You can pick one up yourself on my Etsy site that no one visits/buys anything from.Teeshirts are my only exception to the "no multiples" rule I use in regards to my art.
I was told prints sell, but I don't do prints. Replications weaken the DNA of original work. I don't want mindless replications of my work strewn about the world. Not that I'm in danger of being popular, I've had my share of rejections this year alone (8 that I can think of right off the bat), I just feel like I owe it to someone who buys original work to know that they are special, darn it. Where was I? Oh yeah, buy my teeshirt!

In other news, with the permission of super official city types in San Luis Obispo and the nice people at Kyle Company Roofing, I have been allowed to improve my neighborhood by putting a nice mural on a pretty boring warehouse wall. How boring? Well look here:
See? I almost fell asleep posting that picture. It will be lovingly adorned with stuff related to the railroad, as said wall is very close to the RR station.
I'm gonna need some help and some donations, so if anyone is interested, feel free to write me for more details. It should be a fun and exhausting project but all I can think about is how great the neighborhood will look after this is done.

What else is going on? Oh, you know, just opening another store that will feature the greatest hits from San Luis Art Supply (cool pens, watercolor, pads, brushes and Belton MOLOTOW spraypaint). The shop, called Poor But Sexy Mercantile, will be nestled in the mezzanine area of SLO's biggest coffeehouse, Kreuzberg, CA Cafe. We will be open 4 days a week, mostly Thursday thru Sunday, from about noon to about 6 or 7. The shop not only will sell deviant art supplies, but will also sell local made goods like those found at the Genuine Stolen booth at  our local farmer's market.

Lastly, I was honored with the chance to draw some tape covers for my pal Milo of Ripe Mangos.  That's right, tapes are alive and well, hipster! He traded me some Swamp Donkey stickers for these two beauties:

I think I got the better deal. Until next time...